Course Rules & Etiquette

 A Few Things To Know Before Golfing With us.

Please remember, your actions effect everyone’s game on the course, not just yours.  Our rules and golf etiquette help assist all golfers to enjoy their game while golfing with us. 

Course employees have the authority to enforce the rules of the course, control tee-off placement and golf cart usage. Please do not switch times with other groups at the tee-box.

*Reservation organizers are responsible for the booking and ensuring anyone in their group gives the course sufficient notice if they are unable to make their tee time.

The course reserves the right to charge a ‘No Show’ fee of $12.00 per golfer if a member of your group does not show or gives insufficient cancellation notice; any individual or group that ‘no shows’ three (3) times or more will be required to prepay for their booking;  the organizers are to ensure everyone in their group comply with all course rules and etiquette.

Mount Douglas Golf Course Dress Code

  • Attire allowed is relaxed respectable attire. Items not permitted are cut-offs, tank tops, sleeveless men’s shirts, swimsuits, shirts with offensive sayings or logos and/or going shirtless.
  • Soft soled shoes and soft spike golf shoes are permitted. Items not permitted are work boots, steel toed boots, flip flops, high heels, wedges or bare feet.


  • Golfers must arrive 15 minutes before scheduled tee time to get organized and check in before proceeding to the 1st tee.
  • Each golfer must have and carry their own set of clubs which must be in a golf bag (NO carrying in your HAND, BACKPACKS etc. allowed). Club and bag rentals are available inside the clubhouse in the pro-shop if you need one.
  • ABSOLUTLEY No more than 4 players to a group at all times while golfing.
  • Each player may only have ONE ball in play at all times. If you lose a ball take a mulligan and keep moving. Try not to affect play behind you.
  • Keep pull & power carts 8 feet from the greens at all times.
  • Saanich is home to diverse natural areas that are managed to enhance biodiversity. Our pond and creek are protected habitats – stay behind roped off areas at all times. If you lose a ball take a mulligan and keep moving.
  • Power cart rentals – Must be 18 years of age with a valid DL to operate a power cart. There is a maximum of 2 riders and 2 bags per cart.
  • No drugs or alcohol permitted on the property.
  • Non-players are not permitted to walk the course. You are more than welcome to grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit on the patio to wait.
  • For the protection of the golf course, surrounding forest and wildlife all golfers smoking cigarettes must extinguish their cigarette only in the ash trays provided on every tee.


  • If you can’t reach the green, go ahead and tee-off however please do not play into golfers
  • Please turn your phone off or to vibrate
  • Repair divots and ball marks to greens—do not throw flags or clubs on greens
  • Please keep pace with play—slower groups to play ‘best all’ or ‘ready golf’ ** see blow 
  • Do not trespass on or from bordering properties
  • Please respect others on the course including the grounds crew
  • Always observe and obey golf course signage and the employee direction given to keep the course running smoothly for all golfers
  • Players are responsible for any damages or injury caused by errant balls
  • Please yell FORE should an inadvertent shot occur
  • If you witness an accident, unruly or irresponsible behavior please report it to the clubhouse staff
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct, including but not limited to abusive language or unbecoming attitude, club throwing or vandalism to company property, will not be tolerated and will be dealt with at Mount Douglas Golf Course’s sole discretion
  • Reservation organizers are to ensure everyone in their group comply with all course rules and etiquette


Ready Golf refers to a method for golfers to speed up play.  Simply put, it means that each golfer within a group hits when ready, rather than waiting for the golfer farthest from the hole to play first.

Best Ball is a method for beginner golfers to speed up play.  Once you hit off the tee, pick up your ball and take it to where the farthest ball in your group has landed and play from that point.

If you have any question at all about the above stated Code of conduct and dress code please do not hesitate to give us a call at the golf course (250) 477-8314