Book a Tee-Time

Book a Tee-Time


2021 friendly reminder… EVERYONE in the party must arrive no earlier than 10-15 minutes before your tee time to avoid over crowding at the greeting station.  If you are running late please call the clubhouse at your earliest convenience to confirm we can accommodate your late arrival. 


As you know we have been making some changes with our booking requirements and we wanted to give some clarification about the new late cancellation fee of $12.00. 

Quite simply this has been implemented due to the demands for tee times vs a high volume of tee times left empty because of people not showing up or last minute changes.  We are in the business of selling tee times and rely solely on the sale of green fees which equates to our goal being to sell every available tee time each day.  

As we have many golfers wanting to have some fun and get a little exercise during these uncertain times we ask that anyone making the bookings keep the names & number’s in their group accurate so we may offer empty spots to other golfers wanting to get a game in and continue to operate our business in a positive way.

To make it less stressful for the advanced bookings group organizer we will deal directly with the individual who missed their tee time to collect the fee.  In the case of all other bookings with people who may or may not be regular golfers we will collect from the group at check-in. 

Ideally we would like 24 hours’ notice as a courtesy however if that is not possible please note the following. 

Anyone who has booked a tee time before 11:30AM must call the course by 6:00PM the night before to cancel if they are feeling unwell or unable to honor their time.  We understand that this may not always be possible and we will address cancellations on a case by case basis.  For anyone who has on-going health concerns we suggest that perhaps they remove themselves from their weekly group bookings and only book when they know they can make it.

For tee times from 11:30AM to closing we will require a minimum of 4 hours for any changes or cancellations because any change/cancellation with less notice makes it harder to sell the tee time.   If it turns out that we are able to book the time then you will be reimbursed.

Please note that the above policy does not extend to weather related conditions, however we still ask for notice if canceling. Thank you for your understanding as we work through these changes.

Mount Doug Management


If there has been heavy rainfall within 24 hours of your tee time please check the homepage for information on course closures & conditions or call the clubhouse (250) 477-8314

Mount Douglas Golf Course has a very high demand for tee-times.  For contract tracing in line with BC Health, we ask that you keep your distance and be courteous to your fellow golfers when paired up and to keep our tee sheet accurate we ask that you call us directly if your players names and or amount of golfers arriving change BEFORE your arrival. Please cancel or reduce the number of players in your group in advance so we can rebook the spots and let others have a chance to play. To maximize all spots every tee-time includes 4 golfers, if your group has two or three golfers,  there may be other players joined with you. If you prefer to golf alone you do have the ability to pay for and reserve all 4 spots in advance and play alone.

If you require the use of a power cart please call ahead to book one as we have a limited number of carts. All carts are on a first come first serve basis.

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If you’re having issues booking your tee-time below please call the clubhouse at (250) 477-8314 and we will be happy to assist you.

* PLEASE NOTE – The HOT deals are a GolfNow© ONLY deal and are subject to taxes and GolfNow© fees which are reflected in their online booking prices and do not represent Mount Douglas Golf Course’s Prices. Please call the course should you have any questions.

All online booking modifications and/or cancelations must go through GolfNow at 1 (800) 767-3574 and Press #3 to Cancel or Modify, press #4 for Billing issues.


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