Weekly Group Bookings

Mount Douglas Golf Course 2022 Weekly Group Bookings

Do you have at least 4-16 golfers?  You may be interested in booking your group for a specific time and day of the week from May 01-August 31 with us. Subject to availability. We would love to have you! 

We have continued the online booking process.

Please read the process below carefully.
Mount Douglas Golf Course offers advanced season bookings for groups of 4 golfers or more. The weekly group bookings form is for groups that wish to book specific time(s) and day(s) of the week with consecutive weeks from May 01st up until August 31st, 2022.  Before and after this time we will be on a week to week booking basis. Subject to availability.

Please note your actual booked time may be within a half hour of your requested booking time as entries start to be added into the system. Once the booking requests have been processed, we may not be able to accommodate additional requests to add more golfers to your requested booking as times may be filled by other groups. Please have your information accurate and correct before submitting online. Start your process now by gathering all your information to be ready.

2022 pre-booking requirements:

Every group must have 1 administrator to be the liaison for the group. They will be responsible for:

  1. All communication between the golfers and golf course
  2. To supply the names of all golfers in their group the day before their booked time.
  3. For contacting the golf course one (1) business day prior to the scheduled tee-time to notify us of any changes to the booking, ie: #’s, names, cancellations. This is required ONLY if there are changes. If there are NO changes just show up as usual, NO call required.
  4. Notifying all members of their group about MDGC’s late cancellation and no show policy and fee
    ** If anyone in the group does not show up for their booking or fails to notify us they will not be needing their tee time a minimum of 2 hours in advance, they will be responsible for paying a $12.00 Late Cancellation/No Show Fee. Please be aware that No Shows and the Reduction In Players results in a preventable loss of tee times that could have been filled.  If this happens on a consistent basis it may result in being required to prepay for future bookings
  1. Maximum group size is 16 golfers. There are enough spaces on the bookings form to enter up to 16 golfers names. Should you require more spaces you will need to contact us at the course clubhouse.
    Please make sure you take the time to fill out the online form accurately, do not rush the process, everything with an asterisk * MUST be entered into the form in order to move to the next page. Any major changes made to a group booking after the original booking has been made may be subject to an administrative fee.
  2. The advanced booking form will be uploaded to the website March 21, 2022 at 11:00 AM. Please remember that times are on a first come first serve basis, based on the return time and date of the completed form and that Mount Douglas Golf Course is not responsible for late submissions. Requested times are not guaranteed but we will try our best to accommodate every group.
  3. All changes to a tee-time during the season should be phoned in to the course for a more accurate account of the request and changes needed. Please DO NOT email your requests in, as they may get missed. Mount Douglas Golf Course is not responsible for any missed email requests.