Monday Availability

 Monday Availability


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Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
7:54 X X X X
8:18 X X X X
8:26 X X X X
8:34 X X X X
8:42 X X X X
8:50 X X X X
8:58 X X X X
9:06 X X X X
9:14 X X X X
9:22 X X X X
9:30 X X X X
9:38 X X X X
9:46 X X X X
9:54 X X X X
10:02 X X X X
10:10 X X X X
10:18 X X X X
10:26 X X X X
10:34 X X X X
10:42 X X X X
10:50 X X X X
10:58 X X X X
11:06 X X X X
11:14 X X X X
11:22 X X X X
11:30 X X X X
11:38 X X X X
11:46 X X X X
11:54 X X X X
12:02 X X X X
12:10 X X X X
12:18 X X X X
12:26 X X X X
12:34 X X X X
12:42  X
12:58  X
1:06 X X X X
1:14 X X X X
1:22 X X X X
1:30 X X X X
1:38 X X X X
1:46 X X X X
1:54  X
2:02 X X X X
2:10 X X X X
2:18 X X X X
2:26 X X X X
2:34 X X X X
2:42 X X X X
2:50 X X X X
3:00 X X X X
3:10 X X X X

9 Hole Rates

Mount Douglas Golf Course offers various rates for Seniors, Military, Youth, Junior and of course Adults. Click here to view all rates.

Punch Cards

Mount Douglas Golf Course offers 11 round punch cards. You receive 11 rounds  of golf for the price of 10. Prices vary depending on age and conditions. Click here to view prices.

Power carts & rentals

Mount Douglas Golf Course offers power cart rentals as well as .

Reserve at time of booking.

Mt. Doug Gift cards.

Gift cards are available in the clubhouse or online if you can't make it in to pick one up in person. Choose the one that's right for you.

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Recent & Upcoming News

Mask’s Required

Even though things are loosening up in BC we need to make sure the golf course stay's open for your enjoyment and want to protect the staff and other golfers a little longer. Please remember to bring your Mask with you for checking in. You can remove it at the first...

NEW local Coffee blend

Try our new locally brewed coffee blend "Red Cedar" by Oughtred Coffee Roasters here in Victoria.

Cancellation Policy

Please remember to give us a minimum of 4 hours notice for all cancellations to avoid your group being charged a cancellation / no-show fee per cancelled golfer at the time of arrival. Thank you. Click on the link below for more details.


4225 Blenkinsop Rd, Victoria BC V8X3S8
(250) 477-8314